Atlas Networks IPVPN provides national layer 3 network capability, enabling your organisation to efficiently share applications and communicate between offices over their own virtual private network.

Any-to-any connectivity makes IPVPN a highly effective way to allow your end users to increase their business productivity.  It provides an efficient, robust way to connect multiple sites, allowing voice, data and applications to be instantly shared by anyone on the customer’s network.

Key features:

  • High speed, resilient, latest generation national backbone, utilises new Multi-Service Edge (MSE), high capacity MPLS core and distribution network.
  • Flexible service and performance levels for all customer network and application requirements, to meet a variety of customer price points utilising a common infrastructure.
  • Secure bandwidth options range from 512kbps to 1Gbps, making IPVPN  highly scalable, allowing customers to directly reflect their requirements.
  • Seamlessly connecting businesses, people and applications together across the extensive QoS enabled IP/MPLS network, delivering robust private communications and information sharing.
  • Six Classes of Service (CoS) provide excellent classification granularity, enabling your customers to set and differentiate how voice, video and data is prioritised across their network and optimising management of applications and communications.