Atlas Networks Terms of Service

Atlas Networks provides copies of the Terms & Conditions under which we provide our services to you.

Atlas Networks Service Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (May 2011)

The General Terms & Conditions cover all aspects of your service with Atlas Networks.

Mobile Services

The Terms & Conditions relating specially to Mobile Services (Telstra & Optus)

Fixed Services (Multiline & VoDSL)

The Terms & Conditions relating specially to Fixed/Landline Services (Multiline & VoDSL).

Direct Debit Service Agreement

The Terms & Conditions relating specially to our Direct Debit Facility.

Other Policies

Privacy Policy

The Atlas Networks Privacy Policy

Customer Service Guarantee

The Atlas Networks Customer Service Guarantee for Standard Telephone Services

Complaint Handling Policy

The Atlas Networks Complaint Handling Policy

Regulatory Compliance (May 2011)

The Atlas Networks Regulatory Compliance Statement

Refund and Returns Policy (May 2011)

The Atlas Networks Refund & Returns Policy

Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy for all Atlas Networks Products and Services